Proactive Management SystemSupport Recommendations

Regularly scheduled administrative and consultative UNA Plans are recommended for ongoing, proactive systems management. These programs will provide regular communications by a technician or an account representative to have your systems to be proactively managed on a regular basis. The UNA Plans will be used to complement the ongoing projects needed to advance the technology in your company.

Designed Managed Services

The result of our investigation will be a custom-made managed services program designed to address all relevant support and business development issues for the coming year. This includes proactive support, regularly scheduled maintenance and administrative support with advisory meetings with your UNA account representative. You can be assured that in an event of downtime, our proactive management system will notify you shortly after the outage occurred. You can allocate your resources accordingly and realize the source of a problem in the meantime.

Meetings and Consultation

The account representative will schedule meetings with your company’s management on pre-scheduled dates to discuss business issues that can be solved through the implementation or expansion of your company’s technology. During these visits, the account representative will also conduct an administrative check on all your servers, main components of the network, and handle any immediate technical issues with your company’s management or IT personnel. Your account representative is your main point of contact with UNA and, in addition to their role as advisor to management, they also organize with other UNA employees and services working with your business. This includes management of technicians assigned to your account, solution designs and recommendations, sales of hardware and software products as well as scheduling and deployment of staff for pre-scheduled projects and on-site appointments. Since all UNA account representatives are also systems technicians, they often work hands on with your network providing anything from support to solution implementations.